Information & mobilisation

This time I’m voting

Launched by the European Parliament in 24 languages the impartial platform aims to support more than 150,000 volunteers who have pledged in the Member States to encourage citizens to vote in the European elections, to mobilise their families, friends and communities.


Rock the Eurovote 2019

Launched by the association Europeans without Borders, the communication campaign Rock the Eurovote 2019 aims to raise awareness amongst the young generations so that they go and vote in the European elections. Rock the Eurovote 2019 uses short films on Europe to spread their message amongst young people.


What Europe does for me

Developed by the research department of the European Parliament, the interactive  What Europe does for me presents examples of the positive impact had by the EU on its citizens’ daily lives.


European Elections 2019

The  European Elections site 2019 presents the various conditions and means for the vote by French, Belgian and Luxembourg citizens. The section of the site “why vote?” aims to encourage citizens to turn out to vote on 26th May.



Eurodesk is an international non-profit association which has national coordinators in 36 European countries. Eurodesk aims to promote opportunities of mobility amongst young people and to encourage them to become pro-active citizens.


Results of the European elections

Launched by the European Parliament, is an interactive website on past and present European election results. It is available in all of the Union’s official languages. It will be updated on 26th May with the results and national seat distribution, as the details come in from the national authorities.